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My Children...

Rebecca Young

Rebecca is married to Jason Young and lives in N. Richland Hills, TX. A big event in 2008 was the birth of Ella, her first child. Jason has a daughter, Bhealor, so the girls out number the guys 3:1 in their house. Good luck Jason! She graduated from Texas A&M University, and is currently teaching 1st grade. e-mail Becca. Check out the Becca Gallery for more info.

Harrison Stewart

Harrison has joined the US Marines and graduated Boot Camp 05JAN06. He recently returned from Afghanistan and is currently at Camp Lejeune, NC.
Check out the Harrison Gallery for more info. e-mail Harrison. Download a Quicktime movie of Harrison and Chris at the California Music Awards, where they hung out with Smash Mouth, Joe Satriani, Papa Roach, Sammy Hagar and more. (right click and Save Target)

Taylor Stewart

Taylor is in the USMC reserve. He graduated Boot Camp in San Diego 18AUG05. In High School he was named an All American Scholar and was recommended by his ROTC instructor to the National Organization of the Sons of the American Revolution-received the Bronze ROTC medal in recognition of "outstanding leadership qualities, military bearing and excellence exemplifying high ideals and principles which motivated and sustained our patriot ancestors." He also received the ROTC Civic Service 1st award for community service and recognition with Panther Pride Awards (Midway HS) from 3 different teachers for outstanding achievement.
Check out the Taylor Gallery for more info. e-mail Taylor.

Lindsey and Shauna Stewart

Lindsey and Shauna are loving sisters who have grown into fine young women. Shauna is studying animal science in CA and Lindsey lives and works in New Orleans, LA.

Pepper and Sarah. Lindsey's beloved Pepper passed away in 2004 and we still grieve. Pepper was a great pup and we are thankful for the years of joy he shared with Lindsey and her family. Shauna and Lindsey love to spend time with cousin Victoria Clevenger. Link to Victoria and Shauna feeding a tiger. Shauna worked at Taco Bell to save money for a trip to England in 2006 (she went in June!). Lindsey is looking for a job and saving money for her growing collection of stylish pants!
Check out the Shauna Gallery and the Lindsey Gallery for more info. View or download 2007 graduation photos here.
e-mail Shauna.e-mail Lindsey.


Gerald Stewart, my brother...

Alan and Gerald Stewart in the Rocky Mountains.
e-mail Gerald at Stewart Outdoors, or link to the Stewart Outdoors Webpage.

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